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Breakfast with a view of the countyside


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Every morning the Quercia Rossa offers breakfast in a room with a panoramic view of the countryside.

Guests can also choose to have other meals at the Quercia Rossa, depending on availability, simply by reserving for lunch or dinner and choosing between the various menus of the day, all from local Tuscan dishes, wines, and cheeses. Those who wish to go on an excursion during the day can ask for the meals to be prepared for take out.

Also available are Morellino di Scansano wine, honey, marmalade, pickled preserves, garden vegetables, sheep cheese and locally produced cheeses.

From the farm's olive groves, where pesticides are never used, comes Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 'Quercia Rossa', prepared and sold in glass bottles or in light metal containers. All is harvested by hand directly from healthy trees and plants, and brought to the press for squeezing without any elevation in temperature, leaving an excellent olive oil with none of its quality ingredients altered.

  breakfast with honey,
   and local cheeses

     Tuscan dishes
and Morellino di
      Scansano wine

Extra virgin              
olive oil         
Quercia Rossa

'Quercia Rossa' oil, pickled olives and wine