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Waters of Saturnia

According to ancient legend, the god Saturn, angered by the contentiousness of human beings which caused continuous wars, threw a lightning bolt at the earth, creating a crater from which tepid water began to spring forth, while the air around filled with vapor. From these vapors a renewed and wiser humanity was reborn. This legendary place known to the Etruscans and Romans for its cosmetic properties and regenerating power, is Saturnia, from whose thermal springs sulphuric water flows at a constant temperature of 37 degrees. The waters flow through cultivated fields until they reach a a series of cascades covered in solidified sulphur. Here, no matter which season, hour of the day or the temperature, one can bathe and relax in a series of pools and small waterfalls.

The waters flow at a rate of 800 liters a second, so the consistency of the chemical, physical and therapeutic properties of the water and hygienic conditions are guaranteed. The water of Saturnia is a true and proper mineral water, meaning it meets the definition with its specific properties: in every liter of water contains 2,700 gramms of dissolved mineral salts. Its principal characteristic is the presence in large quantities of two gases: hydrogen sulphur and carbon dioxide.

From a medical point of view, the hydrogen sulphur in the water has therapeutic properties which are potentially good for the the cardiac, respiratory, and skeletal systems and can have a noticeable protective and purifying action on the liver. Drinking the water in small doses is also good for the digestive system and the intestines. But most of all the water of Saturnia has real regenerative powers for the skin: it is antiseptic as well as exfoliating and cleansing.

The cosmetic properties of the waters of Saturnia, or more precisely, the beautifying effects on the skin by bathing in its medicated waters, are explained by three prinicpal factors: a) the temperature of the water produces intensive perspiration that helps to cleanse and purify the skin; b) the hydromassage increases peripheral circulation and cutaneous respiration; c) the action of the mineral and gaseous components in the water has a smoothing and cleansing effect on the skin.

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