We stayed at Quercia Rossa for four days at the beginning of June 2006 and had a wonderful time. It is situated in authentic, gorgeous Tuscan countryside. It is a little remote but that’s what we were looking for. We had already spent a week in Castellina in Chianti which was also incredible, so we had the Chianti small town experience. And then we spent three days in Rome, so definitely had the big city experience. At Quercia we were looking for the Italian summer country villa experience and we got it. We were able to see cows, goats, sheep and farmers from the picture window in our room. If it’s available, I highly recommend the Indigo room. It has this huge picture window that offers a wonderful view of all the beautiful scenery.

Also, I recommend that you take your dinners at Quercia. They serve delicious Tuscan food with good wine. When we were there they served deer, quail, veal and, of course, great pasta, salad and Italian desserts with Vin Santo (my favorite). It’s a great value at €28!!!

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