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View of the valley


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The property is located in a panoramic position, with the Tyrrehnian Sea to the south, and a view of the plains of Marsiliana, Mount Argentario and in the distance the profiles of the islands of Giglio and Montecristo and, on clearer days the mountains of Corsica.

Oak trees, cypress trees, olive trees, vineyards and Mediterranean vegetation surround the fields of wheat and centuries-old olive groves, which belonged to the Friars of Vallombrosa in the Middle Ages.

At the center of the property is a small lake where one can spot porcupines, deer, wild boar, turtles, hares, badgers, pheasants and many other animals.

Dirt roads and trails that pass by farms and wind through the country arrive all the way to Marsiliana, Manciano and Montemerano, ideal for long walks though countryside rich with herbs and plants used as natural remedies by the locals.

The banks of the river Albegna, easily reachable, offer quiet beaches for summer bathing.

The Pool

in a panoramic position,     facing the Tyrrehnian Sea

nearby dirt roads,
and paths winding         through farms

Centuries-old olive groves